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Criminal allegations can radically alter your life. Your career prospects, your social life and your fundamental freedoms can all suffer after a conviction. A criminal history is more than a few weeks or months behind bars. It means large fines, a life-long criminal history, and even loss of your first amendment and voting rights. Whatever allegations you face, you need to find an attorney who will fully inform you of your rights and who will fight to maintain your way of life.

At The Law Office of Robert Alan Glickman, PC, my goal is always to build a personalized defense strategy that keeps you in control of your future. After an in-depth and face-to-face case analysis, I give you realistic expectations about your case and help you take a proactive approach to your defense. If you want peace of mind, you will find it at my office.

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Understanding Is The Key To A DUI Defense

I understand the worries that come with a drunk driving charge, and I know how scary the thought of legal proceedings can be. Additionally, the loss of driving privileges and the potential financial impact of a conviction make a DUI charge even more intimidating. To alleviate those fears, I will educate you by explaining the DUI process to ensure you know how I will approach your DUI defense and what to expect before, during and after your court date.

Protect Yourself From The Criminal Justice System

In court, the prosecutor may seem like they have all the power, but a quality defense can put you on even footing. Call my office at 678-553-4596 and speak with me about your options.

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